At 3000 Capital the relationship with our investors is of utmost importance and comes before anything else.  When developing the business model and strategy for 3000 Capital one thing became very clear, the idea that one company can specialize in multiple facets of such a large complex business operation, was not only going to be very difficult, but in some respects very irresponsible.  The idea of becoming a fund of funds was becoming very real and seemed to be the best way for us to be a good steward of our investors’ capital by ensuring they were able to partner with the best in class operators.  This ensured that they would not only have a responsible seasoned operator managing the properties but they would also be able to benefit from better economics that are only offered to institutional investors.

What is a “fund of funds structure”?  The fund of funds structure allows us to be very proficient at one thing and that is relationship management, which is what our roots are traced back to and what we are very very good at.  The fund of funds model is very basic, it allows our investors to enter into bigger syndications and bigger deals with lower minimums than would be allowed by the operator.  This also allows us to go in with bigger chunks of capital ensuring that our investors get preferential treatment and better economics than they would get if they went into the deal as an individual.

While developing our fund of funds model, we wanted to make sure we had a good balance of aggressive operators who could find and get deals done but showed a level of conservatism. This balance ensures that your capital is being used to its maximum potential while curtailing risks.

When investing with us we give you the assurance that our operator partners have met or exceeded our very specific set of criteria that we have in place prior to the placement of any capital.  Holding our operators to the highest standard in all aspects allows us to provide our investors with top notch service, communication as well as expectancy of returns.


Casey Brown


Meet Casey Brown, Casey was born in a small town in Western, KY called Hopkinsville.  Shortly after he was born his family relocated to Pueblo Colorado where he spent his young years.  In 1992 his family then moved to Colorado Springs, where he would finish school and witness firsthand what population growth does to real estate.  As the Colorado city grew the evidence and power of the real estate market became clear to him, and with that set the scene for him to aim his career choices towards the real estate sector. 

In 2000 he graduated from Coronado High School in Colorado Springs and moved back to Western Ky.  While pursuing a degree in Agricultural Business & Economics at Murray State University he worked and maintained the desire to one day work in the real estate business.  Upon graduating college he spent a little time trying to find his way into the real estate business while balancing the income needs of his young family and stepping into a world where zero income was guaranteed he began a small real estate sales business with a local real estate broker.

After 2 years of both being in real estate sales full time as well as working a second full time job he decided it was time to go all in with a real estate career.  Since May of 2007 Casey has been involved in over 400 real estate transactions that range from the sale of a home for $4,000 to farms and commercial properties in the stretch into the millions.

Which brings us to 3000 Capital.  After advising and serving many clients with their personal real estate investments, it became clear it was time for Casey to begin leveraging his knowledge of underwriting, cashflow, & finding deals to people who were interested in investing in real estate.  

“The fact of the matter is that there are deals everyday on properties in the private real estate sector, hence why else would the house flipping business be a viable model?  There are just as many large real estate deals out there as well, there are people making millions buying, flipping or renting the big deals as well, you just need to be looking in the right spots and know how to translate it all to paper in order to make your investors the greatest return on their investment.” 

– Casey Brown

Welcome to 3000 Capital, At 3000 Capital we use relationship marketing and network building in order to find and vet operators that have current multi-family complex and self storage investment opportunities that we can negotiate a partnership with in order to be able to offer our partner investors these better deal in order to help them reach and maintain their financial goals.   The unique approach we take to the uncertain economic factors of real estate investing.  We have spent years moving & adjusting the pieces in an effort to learn and lay a foundation to build a structure that focuses on maximizing our investors returns without exposing them to the elements of unnecessary risk.  With a balanced approach of acquiring high cash flow assets, coupled with lower risk, medium cash flow assets to strike a chord of balance between profit & risk for our investor partners.