Our investment strategy centers around partnering with the very best property operators the real estate business has to offer.The process by which we select our partner operators is very thorough and is designed to ensure that our investors’ money is always safe and invested in assets that appreciate over time as well as provide them with the necessary cash flow they desire.

Passive Income

We view passive income as the light on the path to financial freedom.When you have income that comes in on a regular basis that you don’t trade time directly for, the path to financial freedom becomes much more navigable.Passive income allows for many things from spending more time with friends and family, vacationing where you desire, and suddenly doing things and living life on your terms and time table.

Our Process

Our process is likely different from most other real estate investment firms out there.We specialize in relationships with the very best hall of fame type operators, who give us and our investors preferential treatment based on our investment into their funds and deals.However, our process is also similar to other real estate investment firms in the fact that we strive to ensure our investors’ money is always guarded and safe.

Some Questions Answered


Yes, we work with accredited and non-accredited (or sophisticated) investors to invest in our multifamily opportunities. Click the link for Investopedia’s definition.


Any investment carries risk. While we cannot guarantee anything, real estate (and in particular, multifamily real estate), has proven to be amongst the safest investments available. Remember: rent keeps rising. Our process of uncovering devalued assets and turning them into desirable ones is a proven one. And we also invest right alongside our investors.


You can learn more about our future investment opportunities by signing up here as an investor. You will then be able to schedule a call with Whitney at your convenience to discuss how to move forward as an investor.